We're not only a business that can look back on a long history – we're also people with their own stories.

Perhaps that's why our path appears to have already been mapped out from the beginning: To become a place for people and their stories – in our case a hotel. The past is important for understanding the present – but don't worry, we'll keep it short:

The first bricks for our original building – which was initially a guildhall – were laid in 1796. The turn of the 20th century saw the ‘Germania’ being converted into a restaurant. And then the decisive transformation: Senior boss Hans Fesenmayr purchased the inn with the help of his parents Johann and Angelika Fesenmayr. That was in 1953.

A continuous programme of conversion work and ongoing expansion along with the constant urge to progress has paid off: Such milestones as the conversion in 1991, for which Hans Fesenmayr was even awarded 1st Place in the City of Bregenz' Environmental Prize, or our focus on ‘gentle tourism’ – today the Germania is a hotel for business and cultural travellers and people on short breaks.

And something that's particularly beautiful and exciting is that father and daughter still manage the business together. When you meet Hans and Barbara Fesenmayr, you'll encounter two passionate hosts to whom compliments from their guests are worth even more than official awards and stars.

So we're a culinary family bunch. But not only that. The fact that the enjoyment of moments of pleasure is a priority for Andrea, Hans and Barbara Fesenmayr percolates through all aspects of the business – also in terms of the warmth and relaxed style of the service that they provide and the atmosphere that the interior design creates.

All three agree with each other: “We love good food, we love good wines, we love good design”.

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